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Words seem so inadequate to express our heartfelt and sincere appreciation

Words seem so inadequate to express our heartfelt and sincere appreciation for the compassionate care and support that we and our Mother, Mary (Margie) Corsello, received over the past two years. She passed away April 16, 2014. We would hope that recognition would be given to the following Celtic Team who provided our Mother with SUPERIOR care. Ann Marie Grove, PT and Maryanne Manning, OT, were instrumental in getting our Mother walking after her first broken hip. They paid the utmost detail to every step and every exercise during the summer of 2012. When our Mother hemorrhaged from Dec. 21, 2012 to Dec. 28, 2012, Maryanne Manning invited our entire family to her home for Christmas Eve and dinner Christmas Day. We declined her invitation because we didn’t want to leave the hospital. However, Maryanne’s thoughtfulness and generosity will never be forgotten. Joy Buzzeli was so willing to adjust her schedule so she could help with training our Mother to get in and out of a walk-in tub. Our Mother broke her other hip, which was far more severe than the first broken hip. It took weeks and weeks of practice with Ann Marie Grove, Maryanne Manning, and Joy Buzzeli to get our Mom into the walk-in tub so she could sit in warm water to relax her muscles and be bathed. Chris Nahay, R.N., was so kind and professional. When our Mother was placed in the Hospice program, Dec. 28, 2012, Chris could no longer be her nurse. However, in October of 2013, when we had to consent to a Catheter, Chris Nahay took time out of her very busy schedule to bring us Cath secures and a leg bag. How special Chris is! Our Mother was very adamant about having strangers come to the house. She did not want a health aide to help with caring or bathing, however, from the minute Peggy Ford arrived, she formed a bond with our Mother that could never be broken until she passed. What a special, special, gift Peggy has with the elderly. To be able to put our Mother at ease was a miracle. Peggy was so qualified. It was the same as having a nurse. Peggy is that knowledgeable. She is so gifted. Lynn Harvey, R.N., placed our Mother under Celtic Hospice on Dec. 28, 2012. She is an angel without wings. God knew what he was doing, when he sent Lynn to us. She was always available even on weekends. Our many phone calls to her were always welcomed with open arms. When she was sent out of town, she still took our calls. If we left a voice mail, she never failed to respond. She always kept our Mother engaged in conversation, even though at times she made little or no sense. Lynn made our Mother feel like a person not just an invalid in a wheelchair. She was always willing to change or order new medications to minimize the constant pain our Mother had everyday. When Lynn was informed that our Mother was in the final stages of passing, she came on a Sunday, on her own time and said good-bye to her grateful patient. How special and compassionate Lynn is! Dawn, the nurse on-call for the weekends: We didn’t need her a lot, but when we did she was always willing to provide us with special care. Clint Elliott, Chaplin, and Tammy McGonigal, social worker, were so understanding, when we explained our Mother did not want anyone strange in the house. They did not push the issue. Tammy made routine phone calls rather than cause our Mother to be more anxious. We are very grateful for her recognition of our situation. Mary Williams, R.N., Diane Taylor, R.N., and Chastity, LPN, always were willing to step up to the plate, when Lynn Harvey wasn’t available. Mary Williams came to our home everyday for 7 or 8 days at the end of July, 2013. Our Mother had taken a downhill turn. Mary explained in detail that the process was beginning. She guided us everyday during that period. Miraculously, our Mother bounced back. On the 12th day, Mary Williams, was in total disbelief. She said, If she hadn’t witnessed this with her own eyes she wouldn’t believe one note in the computer. Mary graciously helped to bath and dress our Mother and bring her down to the first floor. When Mary read that the end was near, she called and asked us to whisper to our Mother’s ear that she loved her. How caring and compassionate! Diane Taylor was instrumental in getting our Mother’s bed more comfortable with the addition of an air mattress. She also ordered a reclining wheelchair so our Mother’s neck would not be drooping causing her more pain She ordered heel pads to prevent irritation. Diane adjusted and ordered additional medications to try and alleviate pain She was meant to be a Hospice nurse. She also had to come in the middle of the night to confirm our Mother had passed. Diane was just has pleasant as if it were Noon instead of 12:45 A.M. Her last words to us were Margie is finally a peace. Her pain and suffering are gone. She’s in a better place. This was very comforting. Another angel without wings! Chastity always put a smile on our Mother’s face. She had great stories and always included our Mother in the conversation. She ordered medications immediately, when they were needed. Our Mother enjoyed Chastity’s visits. Joe, R.N., only visited twice, but what a great guy. Our Mother never let a male take care of her even in the nursing homes, but Joe had a special way with her. He made her feel very comfortable. At the end of our Hospice journey, we were sent Tanya Speelman, R.N., due to Lynn Harvey having an extended out-of-town assignment. She was a very special blessing. When our Mother hemorrhaged on April 10 and 11 of 2014, Tanya never left us. She was here for hours on end. She was kind and demonstrated great empathy and compassion. She walked us through the final days with great professionalism. A family member made Tanya’s job much more difficult than it had to be. Tanya handled this situation with great composure. She is one superior nurse and human being. We will be forever indebted to her. We want to extend our gratitude to all the adults and children that so freely gave their precious time to prepare and fill all the gift bags for all the holidays. No matter how large or how small the contents were they always put a smile on our Mother’s face. Please extend our sincere thank you to these devoted people. Last but not least, a special acknowledgement for all the visits Dr. Zillweger made to our home to recertify our Mother every 60 days. Also, Dr. Potter who approved several medications and medication changes. We appreciate all that they did to try and bring some comfort. We will forever be indebted to Celtic Hospice and Celtic Home Health Care. Sincerely, Mary Lou (Corsello) Keay and Bab

I know I would not have made it through my recovery so quickly without Celtic

I would like Celtic to know about two of your employees who are the BEST at what they do. I think they are affiliated with the Bridgeton, MO office. The first was my home nurse Erin. Every day that Erin came she had a sunny smile that lifted my pain away. She paid very close attention to what I needed and offered expert advice. The second was my physical therapist Bob. I had a very hard time getting to my goals after TKR. Bob always brought out the best in me to try to achieve that next possible level. He went out of his way after one of our sessions (I just couldn’t get to the level needed) to get me a stretch rope and bring it back to my home. By the next visit, I was doing much better. He also gave me the use of a cane when needed. Both Erin and Bob are your greatest assets and provide above the mark customer service, superb skills of their trade and never ending compassion. There are so few working individuals that have a passion for their work. I know I would not have made it through my recovery so quickly without their care. It gave my husband piece of mind to go to work knowing they would be there. Bob and Erin always asked if I needed ice or any help before they left. They effortlessly made me feel as though I was their only patient, never rushing and always came back with better alternatives to get me the results I needed. I will always be in debt to them for their part in getting me back to a healthy life and will miss this dynamic ‘team’ dearly!
I have been around a lot of hospice and home care individuals and companies…these two make your company stand above the rest! I was truly blessed to have had them!! – Lisa Jimenez

these nurses were caring and compassionate to my mother who was frightened and frustrated with being sick

My mother had unexpected surgery and had to move in with me for almost 2 weeks. I found Celtic very easy to work with. The two nurses who visited my home were knowledgeable, followed up on questions, and appeared and acted professionally. Most importantly, both of these nurses were caring and compassionate to my mother who was frightened and frustrated with being sick. On one occasion my mother became very ill late in the evening, and I used the information sheet in your packet to help me to determine whether or not to take her to the ER. Your answering service was efficient, and I received a return call within 10 minutes. After talking to a nurse on the phone, she sent another nurse to my house who arrived within about 15 minutes. It was only about 30 minutes from my initial call until I had a nurse knocking at my door. My mother is back in her own home now doing well, and Celtic helped her to get there. Thank you” from Shelley K.

I humbly pride myself on being a strong person…, but if it were not for the Celtic Hospice people, I would have failed miserably

My wife, Susan was a patient of Celtic Healthcare’s Carlisle Hospice for four months I want to let you know how very grateful I am for the service provided by Celtic to my wife and me during the last months of her life. It would be impossible for me to overstate the utter competency, professionalism and compassion provided on all levels of care and service rendered to us during those four months. I humbly pride myself on being a strong person and was completely and totally committed to the task of taking care of my wife when she was first diagnosed. I was successful until last June. If it were not for the Celtic Hospice people, I would have failed miserably in my efforts at this last stage of the disease. It was because of the efforts of these wonderful folks that I was able to provide the home care to Susan I had prayed that I would be able to render her. Otherwise she would have no doubt spent this time in a hospital. To have my loving wife be able to spend her final months of life at home was, and is, of indescribable comfort. This comfort was made possible because of these capable folks. Everyone, in whatever capacity they were involved, showed such care, empathy and kindheartedness above and beyond what anybody could reasonably expect. Because of these things and the level of support provided to us during this difficult time, it made those days and has made the past six plus months of grieving her loss that more easier to endure knowing that we both had the kind of care that made this possible. As a true Christian I must add that nothing would have been possible with out my faith in God. Thank you for the service your company provides to people who are going through so much pain in many ways. Please know that your service helps with that pain. Respectively submitted to you with gratitude,” Tom Brannan

It is obvious how special you are

The concept of ‘hospice’ is heart-rending… it means that someone we love is going to die soon. For us, that someone was my Mom. Her final months… were absolutely as good as they could have been. In all that you did for Mom and for us through this difficult time, you showed how much you truly care. And while we have never had the experience of dealing with any other hospice providers, it is hard to imagine that any one of them could equal what you did for us. And in comparing notes with friends who have done so, it is obvious how special you are. You even have the unsolicited praise of EMTs, hospital staff, and a funeral director! From ‘bending’ your schedule to accommodate our needs, to helping us secure the bed, wheelchair, etc. that we needed, to taking the time to thoroughly explain Mom’s medications, to preparing us for what was to come next, to telling us that we were doing a good job with her, to keeping her from being admitted to the psych ward, to treating her like a real human being… we could not have asked for more. While you couldn’t find a secured facility for her last respite, you assigned her own attendant 24/7 for five days so that we could get a bit of rest! Who does that kind of thing?? Words just can’t express how much all of this has meant to us. While we wish that no one will ever need hospice again ever, we know that is not a reality. Until God gets rid of death forever, living means facing the eventuality of death. And for us, that means Celtic for ourselves and anyone we can recommend you to. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you” Franny & Larry Mabus

I can’t personally be there to give the help and support, but your (Celtic) team has been there

My sincerest thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for all the care, compassion, and support they have extended to my AIS (Advanced Illness Services) Member after the sudden passing of her son and only caregiver. She was actually laughing and smiling on phone today because she said she has a new life to live alone and not sure how to do it, but Celtic has been touching base with her and calling to arrange transport and any other assistance she needs. She said she knows she can call at any time and knows she can count on someone answering and helping her and no longer feels so alone. I have had this member for close to two years now and am very fond of her. I obviously can’t be there to personally give her the help and support she needs, but I just wanted to thank you that your team has been there for all of her AIS support and needs. I can’t thank you enough.” Sincerely, Kim Leech RN, Health Coach, Advanced Illness Program, Highmark, Inc.

Mom’s journey was as pleasant, dignified, and free of pain that one could wish for

My wife and I would have been lost without all your guidance and help during this difficult time, but that is what you do. Thank you so much. Neither of us had worked with hospice previously, but we whole-heartedly recommend it. We could not have done this without your guidance. Mom’s journey was as pleasant, dignified, and free of pain to the best extent that one could wish for. Thank you.” Sincerely, John & Loretta Villnave

I had no idea the lengths your people go to comfort


I had no idea the lengths your people go to comfort. I will remember my mom’s passing as a time of caring, loving and celebrating life. That is just how she would have wanted her “baby boy” to feel. Thank you and bless you. Joe Lombardi

Your employees saved my sanity during the most difficult time in my life


I am writing you to let you know about employees of Celtic Healthcare that I had come in contact with over the weeks that they cared for my mother and I. I had contacted my mother’s doctor’s office in a panic because I needed help immediately with my mother. She went downhill very quickly and although I promised her that she would die at home and not in a sterile hospital, I was at a big loss as to how to help her. The same day I contacted the doctor’s office, I received a telephone call from Celtic Healthcare that someone would be at my home the next day. They explained that they also had requested that I immediately receive a “comfort kit” which would arrive by Federal Express. This comfort kit helped mom tremendously in her last days. The next day I had the honor of meeting Lorraine from your organization. She came into my home and immediately “took over”. By that I mean, she put mom and I at ease that everything would be fine and that mom would receive specialized care directed for her needs. Lorraine explained to me what hospice was all about and how she would help mom and I through this process. Her demeanor was calming, reassuring, professional and loving. Once Lorraine was in our home, mom liked her immediately as did I. Lorraine immediately brought in Celtic’s oxygen equipment and immediately ordered medications for mom through your pharmacy so that I no longer had to worry about her running low or out of her medications and I did not need to run to the pharmacy. Just taking that weight off of my shoulders was a Godsend. She brought in a hospital bed to help mom be more at ease. Little did I know how far your people would go for mom and I. As things progressed, I met many more people from Celtic. I met Pastor Tim, Chris, Barb, Marilyn and Wendy. Chris and Marilyn helped mom on days that Lorraine was unavailable. Barb helped me with what to expect and was focused on how I was doing through this process. Wendy has been in touch with me since mom’s passing. One major blessing was the booklets that Lorraine gave me to prepare me for mom’s death. I am the type of person that if I know what to expect, I can deal with it better than leaving it to the unknown. Another blessing was Wendy phoning me to see how I was doing after mom’s passing and telling me, through her letter and phone conversation, that Celtic will be there for me in the coming months if I need help coping with the loss of my mother. Now, Pastor Tim, where do I begin? Should I begin by telling you how he brought his guitar and sang gospel hymns with mom that she sang with him and gave her a big smile on her face while they were singing. Should I begin by telling you how, after mom’s passing, he met with my four brothers to get their thoughts on mom so that he could give her a beautiful memorial service? (Although mom and I have a deep love for God and Jesus, we had not been to a church in many years and my biggest concern was who was going to do her justice at her memorial service.) Or should I start by telling what a magnificent job he did in tribute to our mother? Any way you look at it, your people were wonderful! My brothers and I are deeply appreciative! I can’t begin to thank you enough for your wonderful organization and the people that you have working with you. I came to love them all, as did mom. The day she passed was early, 5:30 a.m. By 6:30 a.m., Lorraine was here and took complete control from my brother, sister-in-law and I. She contacted everyone, destroyed mom’s medications, contacted mom’s doctor, contacted the funeral home, contacted your equipment people and God only knows what else she did while I just sat. I was with mom, talking to her, when she passed. By 3:30 that afternoon, it was like mom was never here. By that I mean, she took care of everything so that I didn’t have to sit and look at things mom needed for her passing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do and the people you employ. Sincerely, Gail Lombardi

So Pleased


I cannot tell you how stellar your staff is… I am so pleased.” – Valarie Story

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Fantastic and Outstanding People


I cannot speak more highly of these people [Celtic Healthcare] than I am right now” – Claude Weagraff

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Reliable Home Health Care


A big thank you to the Celtic staff who took such good care of me after my total hip replacement surgery. From the very beginning, I knew this was going to be a good experience. The office staff communicated everything I needed to know in a timely, professional manner. The nurse who opened my case was professional and caring. Finally, the person I saw most, the physical therapist Stephanie Miller was not only friendly — she really knew her stuff! I would certainly recommend Celtic to anyone looking for competent, reliable home health care.”– Susan Charles


Compassionate Care


[Celtic Healthcare] is currently providing hospice care to both my father and my wife’s aunt. Joe Schlerth is the RN for both. He is very easy to talk with and is accessible. We are very pleased with Joe and his aide, Amanda. You may only hear from your clients when things are not right but I wanted you to know that our loved ones are receiving competent and compassionate care from your staff.”– Marty M


The Best


My mom and our whole family LOVED the Celtic Healthcare hospice team. They are THE BEST people! They brought my mom back to life…so they had to bow out after 5-6 months…..but they were tremendous!”– LaRue Enright


Kindness and Professionalism


I want to commend him [Dennis Glass] on his kindness and professionalism”
– Susan Brody

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Satisfied Care


Josh and Andy were great. I could not have asked for more. I was totally satisfied with my care.”– Paul Polasky


Wonderful Work


I would like to take this opportunity to commend Terry for the wonderful work she does as my wife Jean Fiore’s caring nurse. She is a very caring person and does an extremely thorough job at whatever task she is working on. She is a credit to the Celtic Healthcare organization.”– Sarge Fiore


Best We’ve Ever Worked With


The Celtic Homecare staff is the best we’ve ever worked with. They not only provide excellent care for our residents, but also take the time to communicate with our staff about the residents’ needs and how we can best meet their needs. Just as importantly, their follow-through and follow-up are exceptional. Because they are so reliable, our residents receive the continuity of care that is so essential to their well-being. We have worked with Cheri and Lou Ann for several years now and they are both exceptionally helpful. They have gotten to know our residents and even when they aren’t open to homecare, will stop in for just a moment and say hi. It means a lot to know that they genuinely care about our residents.”– Scott Farabaugh, Owner & Administrator, New Hope Gracious Assisted Living


Caring and Loving


Our Celtic Nurse, Lou Ann, was more than we ever hoped for. She has from day one been so caring and loving. She takes such excellent care of my 92-year old mother. We feel blessed to have had her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We look upon Lou Ann as our angel from heaven.”– Ramona Buchanan, daughter of Stella Macaluso


Consistent Excellence


I wanted to express sincere admiration and gratitude for the level of competent and compassionate care offered to our Father by all the Celtic caregivers. The care he received demonstrated professional excellence and human warmth. You also expressed your concerns for Father’s safety. Amy took the time to gather the information needed to clarify the issues as Father’s frailty progressed. Her experience and observations have been invaluable. Father knew that the care given by Amy and Claire respected his dignity at all times. Congratulations to a healthcare agency that performs with such consistent excellence.”– Mary Donnelly, Health Coordinator for the Capuchin Franciscan Province of St.Augustine


Trusted Care


I cannot say enough good things about Linda, Bonnie, and Sean. Both of us trusted Linda’s opinions and actions. Bonnie helped with equipment and Workman’s Comp. They all became our friends (family) without missing a beat on their professional part. I would recommend Celtic to anyone. Thanks to all of the Celtic people who helped with my husband’s care. I could not have done it alone.”– Norma Jean McDonald


Part of Our Family


Celtic HealthCare has been a part of Marian Hall Personal Care Home for at least five years. During this time, our staff and residents have been very pleased with the therapists, nurses and other services that Celtic provides Marian Hall. The results to our residents have been life-giving. For us, Celtic is not an outside agency; but rather a part of our family here at Marian Hall.”-Sister Marian Sgriccia, O.S.F., Administrator, Marian Hall


Best Place to Work


Between permanent and travel, Celtic Healthcare is the fifth home health agency I’ve worked for. It is the first that I did not look forward to Week 13 when the contract ended! The technology and communication are phenomenal versus other agencies. It is a relief to wake up in the morning excited for the direction of the agency.”-Amanda Wareham, Physical Therapist, Pittsburgh, PA


Beginning of a New Life

I would like to thank you for helping me through the first year of the grieving process. I would not be in the place I am at if I had not received the hospice passages. I did everything that was in the pamphlet. I cried every time I got one, but after reading it I looked forward to the next one. One book I got was so helpful, “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces.” With every passage I read the stronger I got. I wasn’t just existing I was living. I cried so hard when I received my last passage. I had to go back and read it again. It was like you were saying “OK, the training wheels have to come off because you’re ready to do this.” Thank you so much for your support. I know now that letting go isn’t the end of the world but the beginning of a new life.   – Karyn