Hospice and Palliative Care Journey Program

Life is a journey – a journey that is all about choices.  Every one of us is individual and unique and so are our illnesses and our responses to treatment.  During the end-of-life part of our journey, we need to assure that care is about individual choices – the choice of each individual person to receive the right care at the right time and in the right place.  Some may want every advanced medical treatment available and others may simply seek comfort and quality, but it must be an individual choice, and it must be something doctors and other healthcare providers, as well as patients and their families are willing to discuss.

Medical advancements continue to lengthen our quantity of time at end-of-life, but at what value?  What true quality of life is achieved when 75% of Americans die in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, when most would have preferred to be at home?  When Medicare physician visits per person for the last six months of life average 40 visits?  When 46 percent of those people saw 10 or more different physicians during that time; and during the last 26 weeks, they averaged six physician visits per month?

The Celtic Healthcare Journey Program can assist you with this important guidance in supporting individual healthcare decisions.

Who might be an appropriate candidate for Celtic’s Journey Program?elderly couple

What will patients on the Celtic Journey Program receive?

  • A trained palliative care nurse, social worker, chaplain, and/or bereavement counselor to offer support and education related to advanced illness care and options
  • Documentation to assist with patient, family, and physician alignment

How can you enroll in the Celtic Journey Program?

  • Simply call us at 800.355.8894, email us at info@celtichealthcare.com, or let your Celtic Liaison or Healthcare Provider know that you would like to talk to one of our Journey Care Coordinators


Journey & Hospice Resources

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A member of our Celtic team, Matt Cottrill, shared this beautiful song (When I’m on My Journey) and closing candlelight ceremony video from a camp he is involved with.  We hope you enjoy it.