Employee’s Unfaltering Responsiveness: A Newcomer’s Passion

bowserdYou don’t always have to be a seasoned veteran to provide amazing, noteworthy care to our patients. Sometimes the newcomers bring with them new skillsets and a fresh view to the home. Newcomers are often the ones with the fiery passion. They just get out of school, receive their certifications – they’re ready to get in the home and start putting their knowledge to use. If you ever played sports, you know to never underestimate the rookie.

Such is the case with Central PA Hospice CNA Dalton Bowser. While Dalton has only been with Celtic working in the home since April of this year, the genuine dedication he shows to his patients has allowed him to produce some great results.

Dalton started work close to the healthcare field, but not quite in it. He worked as a housekeeper for a nursing home, however, through that job he realized where his true passion lied.

“Every time a patient needed help, I wanted to be the one to help them,” Dalton said. “My mom worked in the nursing home as a CNA so I got see what she did.”

After his experiences in the nursing home, Dalton decided to get certified as a CNA like his mom, and has been working in that position ever since. Prior to coming Celtic, Dalton worked for another healthcare company in Carlisle. His mom had been working at Celtic at the time, and in April, he followed in her footsteps and got a job here as well.

As a CNA, Dalton has perhaps one of the most important jobs in healthcare: to make the patient comfortable. Dalton enters the home to talk with the patient, bathe them, get them ready for the day, and attend to any needs they might have. He takes pleasure in being able to boost the patient’s morale and make sure they feel good.

“It doesn’t feel like work to me; It’s enjoyable and fun,” Dalton said. When I walk in somewhere, you can tell by their facial expressions if they’re having a good day or bad day. I love getting them to that happy stage and making them comfortable.”

Dalton has distinct memories of the first few families he was able to provide care for. He described that he was super nervous when he started, however one family sticks out as the one who made him truly comfortable in his position. He called them his “little Italian family” because he really felt like they brought him in and made him apart of the family.

He has also had some challenging experiences as well. Another one of his first experiences involved a patient’s passing within three minutes of him arriving. As a result, Dalton has adopted a go with the flow, laid-back attitude. In home health, you never know what to expect.

“I’ve learned you have to assess when you get there, then you got to do what you got to do,” Dalton said. “You never know what you’re walking in to.”

Nonetheless, Dalton’s malleable attitude certainly lends itself the great care he has provided in the short amount of time he has been with us. He has grown to love this job, and like he said, to him, it doesn’t feel like work. Isn’t that the best kind of profession to find?

Dalton has endeavors to progress in the nursing field and become an LPN, furthering his education and skills. Dalton proves that a rookie with raw passion and a fresh viewpoint can provide some top-notch care.


Blog post by Troy Abbott – Assistant to Director of Strategic Projects for the CEO

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