Employee’s Unfaltering Responsiveness: Taking it to the Top

khrinojEmpathy comes from a place of struggle. Perceptiveness comes from knowledge. Experience comes from dedication. These are just a few of the qualities that are essential to excellent home healthcare, but often times they’re not very easily obtained. Some people are just naturally empathetic or naturally perceptive. For others, it takes years to gain these attributes.

They all sort of stem from one another. To gain empathy, perceptiveness, and knowledge, you have to learn from experience – not just from experiences within home health, but in all aspects of life. To actually have these experiences in the first place, you must be dedicated to achieving and accomplishing goals.

One employee that has not only obtained these qualities but also masterfully displays them on a day to day basis is O’Fallon RN Janice Khrino. Janice was brought to our attention directly from a family who was extraordinarily grateful for the care that she provided. Carolyn Latta and her family were so overwhelmed and impressed by Janice, that Carolyn contacted Celtic and asked to be put in touch with “the top” to praise Janice for her work.

Carolyn’s husband has struggled with illness for some time, and the family has had multiple home health services in the past to help out. This was the first time, however, the Latta family chose Celtic. After Carolyn spoke with our CEO Arnie, I had the pleasure of speaking with Carolyn on the phone as well. She continuously gushed about Janice’s services.

“Janice was perceptive, and very caring. I had no ambition to act as a nurse, but Janice was there every step of the way,” Carolyn said. “She recognized everything we needed. She helped with paperwork – took care of everything with the doctor. It was such a comfort and source of peace in that moment.”

Janice was not only reactive to situations that occurred with the family, but she was also proactive in that she arrived to help the patient before he was even discharged from the hospital. She was able to foresee potential problems that would arise with the patient’s condition and treat them adequately before they became an actual problem. Carolyn made it a point to mention how experienced she felt Janice to be, and even called me the day after to reiterate that point.

“She was forceful yet kind. She was the only nurse that was able to get through to him,” Carolyn said. “It gave me, as a family member, a lot confidence, even in times when I would’ve been apprehensive.”

Janice comes off as experienced for one reason: because she is. Janice has been involved in some form of healthcare since the age of 15. She worked in a nursing home through her completion of high school until eventually attending nursing school. She then moved to nursing in hospitals and spent some time in the home.

In addition to working as a nurse, she held positions in multiple other aspects of healthcare. Within her career, Janice created and directed a Hospital-Based Private Duty Sector to combat DRGs in Granite City, IL. She directed a staff of 200 nurses, providing many services including respite care to the autistic for which she received a grant and a triple A rating. Additionally, she worked in the insurance department of a large healthcare firm where she took referrals from all over the country and negotiated rates for PTs, OTs, Social workers, etc.

After many years, she finally returned to home healthcare and has been with Celtic for three years now.

“When you walk into a home, you need to assess the patient head to toe; assess what they need and what their learning abilities are,” Janice said. “How can you fight the monster if you don’t know what it looks like? Knowledge is the best weapon.”

Janice always arms herself with knowledge, but she also carries with her an undying sense of independence. She had to learn at a very young age how to do things on things on her own, and that’s how she operates in her career to this day.

At the age of 15, for family reasons, Janice was forced to move out and live by herself. She had to put herself through the rest of high school and nursing school on her own accord. If that doesn’t show true dedication, I don’t know what does.

“I believe God led me on this path for a reason,” Janice said. “Through my experience, I gained my independence and I found my passion”

Janice’s many years of dedication to healthcare and to the well-being of people say so much about her character. She unfalteringly exhibits empathy, perceptiveness, and knowledge every day to her patients, and Carolyn’s account proves that.

We are proud that Janice touches the lives of patients every day, such as the impact she made on the Latta family. We are proud to know of someone, firsthand, with so much dedication, knowledge and strong-will. We are proud to have Janice represent Celtic.


Blog post by Troy Abbott – Assistant to Director of Strategic Projects for the CEO


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