Teaching New Tricks to our Preceptors

img_0086You’re never too experienced to learn something new.  Whether it’s a new method or a new way of thinking, you can always progress in your knowledge and in your career.  This sort of progression was exactly what Staff Development Specialist Stephanie Miller was looking to instill when she hosted the first 2-day Rehab Preceptor Orientation in late October.

Through this orientation, Stephanie sat down with a number of Central PA preceptors, who train our new Celtic employees, presented various situations that could arise when training, and helped them theoretically work through the best ways to address these situations.  With a mix of problem solving and human psychology, Stephanie shared tips, concepts, and tactics to allow for our preceptors to enhance their own training and to better diagnose concepts where trainees potentially struggle.

Employees involved in the training include: Eileen Baker-OT, Deena Brown-PT, Maureen Donahue-PT, Sherri Filipovich-PT, Elizabeth Frantz-SLP, Tonya Grenville-OT, Jacqueline Reiley-PT, and Missy Hummer –OT.

“This team blew me away,” Stephanie said. “They took to the new information and ran with it.  As a new concept was presented, they worked together as a team to determine examples of how they could have used it during past situations as well as how they can use it in present and future situations.”

While new tips were taught and discussed in depth, the training wasn’t only about how to become better preceptors.  The team also discussed how this orientation session would translate to each preceptors’ own profession and how to create a team that they would want to work with moving forward.

“We want to train new hires in everything they need to be successful,” Stephanie said.  “This has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.  The discussions were very progressive and I have no doubt that this team will continue to move the program forward.”

The staff that attended praised the session as well, indicating that they learned a lot from the experience.  The session included tactics for all different types of people and different types of learning styles.  When an employee is having a tough time learning a specific concept, our preceptors feel they are now more able to help them through that process.

preceptors“I take this position very seriously and want to do the best that I possibly can, so I was glad to be involved,” Jacqueline Reiley said. “There can be the perception of ‘I want to do home health to get done at 3 p.m.,’ so we learned very useful tips for ways to get a new employee to be engaged and motivated for the patient.”

Even preceptors, who have been training for many years, found the orientation worthwhile.

“I was skeptical of what to expect about this session, as I have been a preceptor for many years in Maryland and Central PA,” Sherri Filipovich said.  “I got so much out of it.  There were lots of good tips and insights that I hadn’t even thought about.”

Because this 2-day session was so successful and well-received, Stephanie hopes to host more in the future for other Celtic locations.

“I have always been, and am now even more, proud to call them all my teammates,” Stephanie said. “Thank you all [who participated] for embracing this program.  You are great examples of leadership, teamwork, and service excellence.”


Blog post by Troy Abbott – Assistant to Director of Strategic Projects for the CEO

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