Never too Old to be Active: Grandma Gets back to Yoga Routine with Celtic Home Health

77 year old Dee Russell from Mt. Vernon made an effort to stay active and healthy as she got older.  Going to the YMCA five days a week to exercise and attend yoga classes kept her in great shape.

Regardless of how healthy you might be, however, no one is exempt from accidents.  In September 2016, Russell slipped on a puddle in her garage causing her to fall and break her leg.  Worrying about her health and her age, Russell wondered what her life would be like after the fall.

As a result, Russell and her family enlisted the aid of Celtic Home Health, whose licensed therapists and skilled nurses were able to provide a safe and easy plan to speedy recovery.  After treatment, rehab and rest, Russell was able to get quickly back on her feet within two weeks of leaving the hospital.

“I can’t say enough about the help [Celtic Home Health] provided,” Russell said. “We worked through many different exercises, and I still do them today.  They were able to get me completely off the walker in two weeks.”

Russell sought this type of homecare through granddaughter Lacey Harms, an Account Executive for Celtic Home Health.  Harms has been a Celtic employee since August of 2016, but had experienced the type of care Celtic provides prior with her mother-in-law.  After being so impressed with the level of care, Harms sent in a resume and was shortly hired at Celtic.

As an Account Executive, Harms knows the ins and outs of the company and the care that is provided.  So when she had heard that Russell had fallen, she knew instantly that Celtic homecare would be the answer to a quick recovery.

“We knew immediately that we would need home health services for [Russell],” Harms said. “I chose Celtic, not only because I work for them, but because I’ve experienced their services firsthand and knew that they would provide a high level of care.”

Celtic was able to build a safe and efficient game plan so that Russell could receive all services from the comfort of her own home.

“They really made a difference and relieved a lot of my anxieties,” Russell said. “It was so nice to have people come to my house and help me get back to my regular, normal life.”

Now, nearly five months after the accident, Russell is back to doing what she loves; things she worried she would never be able to do again.  She’s back to attending the YMCA five days a week and makes sure to keep up with her yoga, focusing on her health and taking each day in stride.


Blog Post by Troy Abbott – Support Services Coordinator


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