Keeping your Independence: The Power of Support and Education

As we age, in-home health and hospice services can play an integral role in helping to maintain quality of life and support our desire to remain safe and independent at home.  Educating yourself on the various forms of aid available to help you keep your independence coupled with implementing proper support systems, can help you maintain your independence for the long haul.

Support comes in many different forms, and the greatest are your friends and family.  These are the people who know you best, make you laugh and pick you up when you are down.  They are also the ones that can help you make tough decisions surrounding your healthcare.  Reaching out to them for help will not only ease your mind but will help you to take steps in creating the best environment for your health. Surround yourself with the people that are there to help you make the best decisions for you.

If your home situation calls for it, home health and hospice aid can provide additional support on your health journey.  For example, Celtic’s home health and hospice nurses assess your home situation and health goals to tailor a program specific to your needs. Having a program specifically designed for you. that will be most beneficial to you.  Again, this type of support works to ease any anxieties you have about your health while also providing you the tools to live the life you want as you age.

Finally, staying educated on care options available will allow you to make smart decisions for your health moving forward. Enlisting the help of your friends and family while working together to stay educated will drive you towards creating a safe and sustainable path to remaining in your home as long as possible.

If you’re looking to understand the next steps in your healthcare, Celtic Hospice and Home Health can help.  Our certified Home Health and Hospice Clinicians are prepared to help you learn about the health options available and support you at home.

For more information, call (888)923-5842 in Pennsylvania or (800)358-8227 in Illinois.


Blog post by Troy Abbott, Support Services Coordinator

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