Managing a Cardiopulmonary Disorder? Home Health Care Improves Quality of Life & Reduces Hospitalizations.

At Celtic Hospice and Home Health, we aim to provide the best possible care no matter the conditions you face.

Due to the various complications associated with lung and heart disorders, cardiopulmonary diseases are some of the most common conditions treated through home health care. The complexity of these diseases often requires a dedicated team to aid in monitoring your disease, managing medications, and supporting you as you work through the lifestyle changes necessary long after you’ve left the hospital. Our team of nurses, therapists, and other health professionals are experienced and equipped with the tools to provide you the appropriate home health care treatment to meet your specific cardiopulmonary needs.

Cardiopulmonary disorders affect the heart and lungs; common diseases include congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, stroke, and coronary artery disease. Because these disorders affect the organs associated with blood flow and breathing, even the smallest symptoms can quickly escalate into big health risks, resulting in a readmission to the hospital. Nurses, therapists, and other home health professionals must keep on their toes, prepared to quickly identify worrisome symptoms and take action when needed.

No healthcare is “one size fits all,” which is why Celtic’s specialized programs and services are tailored to address specific health challenges. Recognizing the first signs of decline can make the difference in managing any cardiopulmonary disorder. Celtic’s home health professionals prioritize the importance of tracking daily vital signs, empowering your health team to coordinate the proper care as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your care team works to keep you one step ahead of your condition, utilizing innovative technologies such as our telehealth program, and other educational tools that can help you make lifestyle changes for better health.

Medication review is an important first step in any plan of care designed to treat cardiopulmonary disorders. Cardiopulmonary disorders and their symptoms can be complex, meaning that patients may be prescribed numerous medications — which increases the potential for a re-hospitalization. However, medication isn’t the only method for treating disease, and your care team is trained to help you with lifestyle changes essential for long-term health and disease management. Your care team will coach you on specific methods for achieving a healthier lifestyle. Whether you require assistance with your diet, help with blood pressure control, or stress management tips, our nurses and therapists will tailor a plan of care and teach you adaptive measures that become a large part of rehabilitation in prevention of future symptoms. We are there, right in your home, to provide the most effective physical, mental, and emotional support to your health needs every step of the way.

Celtic’s Hospice and Home Health expert services include a number of specialty programs to help you work toward your specific health goals safely at home. Please contact us for more information at 1.888.923.5842 or at 1.800.358.8227 for our Illinois office.

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