Connecting Patients with Care Teams Directed by their Doctor

Home health care is more than just one person caring for a patient. Instead, a whole team is dedicated to providing all avenues of care with the utmost attention. Celtic Home Health recognizes that each patient is different, so when it comes to your unique situation, a new combination of care professionals teams up to care for your specific health needs.

In home health care, we have the unique opportunity to make tailored programs utilizing innovative strategies and communications. Each health professional comes to you in your home, knows your specific case, and works with you in order to help you reach your goals. Home health also allows us to take advantage of groundbreaking technologies in monitoring, documentation, and communication, creating better care and team coordination that helps keep you well and out of the hospital.

At Celtic, we coordinate your care by integrating solutions that focus on all of your needs. We receive information from your preferred doctor or medical professional to coordinate the right team for you. Beyond working in the home, your team will be able to set up facility and hospital care if required. Celtic has partnerships and works closely with various facilities, providing many avenues for you to get the care you need.

During your plan of care with home health, one nurse will serve as your case manager and will coordinate with clinicians of various disciplines to better tailor the care that’s being provided. He or she will be able to provide any pertinent information to the care team so that care is streamlined and consistent. By making these connections, home health allows health professionals to build relationships with the patient so that care is meaningful.

Home Health allows the patient to remain safe, comfortable, and independent while remaining at home. At Celtic Home Health, our commitment to clinical excellence ensures you receive care from compassionate nurses and therapists with the most advanced and expert skills and training. To discover a plan of care coordination that fits your personal health needs, to ask more questions, or to discuss your specific situation with a nurse, call 1.888.923.5842 or 1.800.358.8227 for our Illinois office.

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