Home Care RN Tanya Holze Starts at Celtic Healthcare

Celtic Home Care RN Tonya Halze“I am an RN that that has just came on board with Celtic Healthcare.  I have had a wonderful orientation.  It was very thorough with excellent support services in place to help new employees succeed.  In fact when I applied with Celtic,  one of the very first things that struck me was that this agency made it very clear that they wanted me to succeed here in my current position and to grow with the company.  The IT department is excellent.   Not considering myself a “computer” person, I have found the computer programs to be very user friendly with many tools that are easily accessible.  The other thing I found very interesting is that Celtic provides orientation and interfacing with other key employees, so that even though these are not your responsibilities, you get a much clearer picture of how each and every employee works together.  Everyone from the recruiter, the scheduler, the marketer, the intake nurse, my supervisor , my preceptor, to the occupational and physical therapist have been wonderful.  I am part of a team here, and I am very happy to be on board!”

– Tanya Holze

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