Spreading Sunshine for Hospice Patients

sunshine letter for home care

Martha (Marty) Carr, Hospice Volunteer/Bereavement Coordinator in Northeast PA, is leading a group of sunshine spreaders with her Sunshine Letter Program and event.

Sunshine letters sign

On Thursday evening, September 17, 2015, it was standing room only at Origins Gallery in downtown Stroudsburg, PA, where the tiniest of community members, East Stroudsburg University students, and seasoned letter writers joined together in an small act of kindness to bring smiles to hospice patients with sunshine letters!  Sunshine letters are short, uplifting notes or hand-drawn, decorated cards for hospice patients.

sunshine letters all ages

102 sunshine letters were collected at Thursday evening’s event!  Can you imagine the hundreds of smiles these letters are going to spread?

sunshine letters

Guests were entertained by Theater Studio:  A Confidence Theater.  These amazing young ladies wrote and performed a play especially for Celtic and the event.

sunshine letter singers

Local artist Melissa Benzinger-McGlynn participated by using her special talents to create beautiful Fall greetings for our hospice patients.

sunshine letter artist

Thank you to all who participated!


If you would like to create a sunshine letter(s), feel free to contact us at info@celtichealthcare.com.  If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, we would love to have you!   You can learn more and apply online here.

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