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Celtic Integrated Business Systems (CIBS) Celtic Healthcare is an industry leader in home care software. Our proprietary Celtic Integrated Business System (CIBS), a web-based software product that manages the efficient delivery and workflow of home health and hospice services, is a state-of-the art technology, which considerably reduces the need for paperwork. CIBS keeps medical records online and efficiently automates workflow assignments. CIBS also provides a conduit for the client, caregiver, contract agency, physician and family member to access information virtually from any location, quickly and securely. CIBS has allowed for higher productivity, consistent monitoring of quality, better patient outcomes, efficient billing practices, company-wide communication, and customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Since its inception in 1999, the Celtic CIBS integrated workflow and document management system has provided a scalable solution which continuously promotes accountability and efficiency.

The diagram below illustrates the CIBS internal (gold) and external (green) workflow/communication processes that occur to manage staff resources and build an online patient medical record.

Having an electronic patient record reduces the amount of paper documentation, eliminating the time required for patient information to flow between internal departments. This provides anyone with appropriate security permissions a real-time view of patient information and allows the information that is gathered from the external visit documenting system to be billed accurately and timely.


cibs home care software workflow




CIBS ePortal
cibs home care software eportalCIBS ePortal offers advantages for physician offices who prefer Celtic Healthcare for their patients home healthcare needs. Advantages include:

Electronically sign your patients’ Celtic home healthcare orders quickly and efficiently on-line saving you time and money.

Securely access your Celtic home healthcare patients’ medical information including lab results, medication profile, home health visit reports and assessments.

Electronically access pertinent physician/patient information reports.

Provide access to your home healthcare providers’ cell phone and email addresses for instant communication.


Call us today at 800.355.8894 or contact your Celtic Healthcare Nurse Liaison or Business Development Coordinator directly for more information about CIBS ePortal. Celtic Healthcare’s customer service mission for our physicians is making the ordinary EXTRAordinary!


The Result:
More time spent with the patient.

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