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This blog explores the life of the Celtic Hospice and Home Health staff and their roles delivering high quality care, service, and compassion to home care and hospice patients.

A Thousand Thanks for a great first day!

“I completed my first day of orientation today at Celtic’s Williamsport office. First impressions stick with me, and although today was the first day – it was AMAZING. The Celtic staff were wonderful, accommodating, friendly and professional. I can’t begin to put how I feel into a written description, but I was very comfortable and […]

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Celtic Hospice and Home Health Team Welcomes New HR Recruiter

“Joining the Celtic Healthcare Team was an informative and stress-free process. From the beginning, staff members were constantly asking what they could do to help.  During the on-boarding process, the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff made for an enjoyable and smooth transition.  The clearly-demonstrated desire to help, by going above and beyond, is what sets […]

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