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Employee’s Unfaltering Responsiveness: Understanding Emotions

It’s never an easy time when a family member falls ill. You might worry for their welfare, or perhaps you feel a sense of grief. It’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, and everyone expresses them differently. If anyone understands that well, it’s the nurses that care for those sick loved ones and family […]

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Teaching New Tricks to our Preceptors

You’re never too experienced to learn something new.  Whether it’s a new method or a new way of thinking, you can always progress in your knowledge and in your career.  This sort of progression was exactly what Staff Development Specialist Stephanie Miller was looking to instill when she hosted the first 2-day Rehab Preceptor Orientation […]

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Cookies and Compliance: Celtic’s Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

November is an exciting month for home healthcare and hospice. Not only is it the official home health and hospice appreciation month, it also holds the all-important and educational Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. Don’t worry, there are no audits involved. It’s a fun and engaging week hosted by Emi Gilbert, our new Vice President […]

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Part 1: Introducing Celtic’s Global Partner in Care

There are so many things that differ from country to country, continent to continent, and all around the world. There’s different ideologies, religions, cultures, customs, and languages. Different foods, faces, and climates. The world is so expansive, and we are so distanced from other parts of the earth, that another continent can sometimes feel like […]

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Employee’s Unfaltering Responsiveness: Taking it to the Top

Empathy comes from a place of struggle. Perceptiveness comes from knowledge. Experience comes from dedication. These are just a few of the qualities that are essential to excellent home healthcare, but often times they’re not very easily obtained. Some people are just naturally empathetic or naturally perceptive. For others, it takes years to gain these […]

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