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Highest Quality Education

Staff Education:

Celtic Healthcare is proud of producing the highest quality education for our staff utilizing evidence-based and current best practices to ensure a high quality of patient care.   Evidence shows that high-calipered education results in improved outcomes for our patients.

Blending learning is offered for our extensive on-boarding process to equip new employees with a skill set to integrate into our computerized charting and extensive communication systems.  Technology is utilized and embraced for education including “webinar” meetings as well as our easy to use Learning Management System to host and track staff education.  This provides some great advantages:

  • Staff can complete both “webinar” and recorded education sessions virtually from their home, between patient visits or basically anywhere!
  • Saves time for staff by eliminating travel to the office for education
  • Provides consistent education for all staff in all locations
  • Staff can receive free continuing education credits for many of the sessions

Customer Education:

Celtic is also proud to have many nationally accomplished speakers on healthcare improvement and reform on our team.  Our professional speakers present nationally at major conferences, think tank summits, and state and local association meetings.  Celtic Healthcare provides extensive training opportunities for our customers and in our communities to hospitals, skilled nursing, assisted living, personal care homes, physician offices, clinical professionals and the general public.  We offer this education in many different formats including live presentations, recorded DVDs, “webinar” sessions and other innovated learning approaches.

Topics include patient/resident care, evidence-based and best practices care for improved care and outcomes, chronic diseases, healthcare reform changes and many more.

Click here to see all the available topics! Many sessions are designated with various continuing education credits.

Educational Sessions

Please feel free to contact Celtic Healthcare at info@celtichealthcare.com  to learn more about our employee education for possible employment opportunities or to discuss having a presentation for your facility, organization, staff or meeting.

For more information, please contact us.