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Improving Mobility, Balance, and Strength Increases Independence and Safety at Home

Physical health plays a huge role when determining whether you or a loved one can remain independent and safe in the home.  Aging is constant, and while the physical decline that comes with it is inevitable, there are ways to counteract and slow that process. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of […]

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Having joint replacement surgery? What to expect from home health care during your recovery

Nearly one million Americans undergo hip or knee replacement surgeries, with the majority of these procedures being performed on patients over the age of 65.  As people live longer due to advancements in medicine and technology, greater wear and tear has increased the number of joint replacements performed. Recovery is vital to resuming your previous […]

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Managing a Cardiopulmonary Disorder? Home Health Care Improves Quality of Life & Reduces Hospitalizations.

At Celtic Hospice and Home Health, we aim to provide the best possible care no matter the conditions you face. Due to the various complications associated with lung and heart disorders, cardiopulmonary diseases are some of the most common conditions treated through home health care. The complexity of these diseases often requires a dedicated team […]

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Keeping your Independence: The Power of Support and Education

As we age, in-home health and hospice services can play an integral role in helping to maintain quality of life and support our desire to remain safe and independent at home.  Educating yourself on the various forms of aid available to help you keep your independence coupled with implementing proper support systems, can help you […]

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Mobility and Vitality: How Walking Speed can Help Determine your Health Risks

There are many signs that tell us how our body is performing.  From blood pressure to heart rate, there are many key indicators of health.  One of these measures, which many of us often don’t consider, is how fast we walk. Walking speed is an important predictor of overall health, well-being and independence as we […]

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