celtic healthcare consulting and training

Virtual Healthcare Consulting and Training

Celtic Virtual Care Consulting and Training provides education and oversight in setting up Care Transitions and/or Disease Management Programs.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) 
ACOs, either under Medicare or private payer plans, must manage their patient populations to ensure they achieve their goals. Celtic Virtual Care will work with your ACO management team to design and implement a virtual care program that meets the needs of your patients and systems.

Hospitals are now wrestling with the dilemma of how to minimize the financial risk of re-hospitalizations. For hospitals that have chosen to manage the 30-day post-hospitalization window independently, the Celtic Virtual Care Program – Consulting and Training division is the answer. Celtic will educate your facility and staff on our program for care transitions, disease management, and monitoring outcomes to achieve your re-hospitalization goals. We will design a system to meet your individual needs.

Health Plans
Celtic Virtual Care will train and provide data analysis for case managers at health plans or hospitals.

Our experienced staff can run multi-setting provider collaborative learning sessions to support your disease management, re-hospitalization, and pay-for-performance initiatives.

To learn more about how Celtic Virtual Care can serve chronic patient transition and management needs, or to request a private online demonstration, call us at 800-355-8894.