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Chronic Disease Management Services

Disease Management at Celtic Virtual Care is an amalgamation of the core principles of population management as defined by the Care Continuum Alliance, the work of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CSM)’s Care Transitions QIOSC related to care transitions and  care coordination across the continuum, and evidence-based care guidelines.

These cross-setting  programs are designed to support emerging care models such as medical homes and accountable care organizations and offer physicians, hospitals, payers, home health agencies, or collaborative care arrangements the support needed to provide not only traditional disease management, but also care transitions and care coordination across the continuum.

Some key components of the program include:

  • Medication Reconciliation and Management
  • Telehealth Technologies
  • Health and Transitions Coaching
  • Patient Self-Management Education and  SupportChronic Disease Management Technology
  • Care Coordination with all Healthcare Providers
  • Customized Physician Patient-Level Reports
  • Rapid Response Interventions
  • Data Driven Risk Assessments
  • Care Management
  • Case Management
  • Evidence-Based Guidelines
  • Electronic Medical Record (capable of integrating with other systems)

To learn more about how Celtic Virtual Care can serve chronic patient transition and management needs or to request a private online demonstration, call us at 800-355-8894.