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Who We Serve

Patient Care 
Celtic Virtual Care Patient Care Services provides care directly to your patients and their caregivers.

Remote Care
As care is offered virtually, we can provide it anywhere in the U.S.

Length of Services
Celtic Virtual Care Patient Care Services can manage patient care for the transition period only or for any time period requested.

Risk Sharing
Celtic Virtual Care assumes risks for our patient care costs of Celtic Virtual Care patients who are re-hospitalized for the same diagnosis 5-day post-hospital discharge for care transition-only patients, and 30 days for 30-day post-hospital care patients.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
Reducing expenses and increasing quality and efficiencies are the driving forces behind ACOs. ACOs partnering with Celtic Virtual Care will find their care management efforts greatly reduced and their measurable quality of care greatly improved.

Celtic Virtual Care eliminates the direct patient care oversight for patients within the 30-day post-hospitalization window and can help with ongoing care for the most-chronic patients.

Celtic Virtual Care Program is a key tool in tackling the imminent Medicare regulations tying payment to reduced 30-day readmission rates.

Most hospitals do not have the staff or knowledge to provide the care transitions and disease management necessary to reduce avoidable re-hospitalizations.

Hospitals find the Celtic Virtual Care Program greatly enhances their efforts to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and improve patient satisfaction.

Health Plans
Celtic Virtual Care is designed to fill in the gaps in care for patients most at risk of adverse events and re-hospitalizations. We provide the education, support, nursing and pharmacy oversight critical to keeping high risk patients home and well.  Cost savings to plans is significant as medication errors, falls, and re-hospitalizations are dramatically reduced.

To learn more about how Celtic Virtual Care can serve chronic patient transition and management needs, or to request a private online demonstration, call us at 800-355-8894.